Perhaps you have attained your ultimate dream of owning your house with a picket fence. However, your picket fence inevitable will not be as good looking and in great condition all the time. Regardless if it’s due to accidental damage or wear and tear, your fence may be required to be changed at some point. Here are some of the indicators that your fence needs to have a new replacement. 

Rotting woods 

If you’re currently in a place where it frequently rains, you might be seeing either gray or yellow stains on your wood fence. Seeing either color indicates that your fence has rotting woods. Meaning, there’s probably mold and mildew that’s been growing on it as well. Sadly, you cannot actually do anything about it rather than changing the whole fence. If you wish to avoid experiencing it again in the future, you might have to think about using various material types for your fence, like treated lumber.  

The fence is leaning over 

Whenever your fences fall over or lean, you try to help them stand back up always. This isn’t just bothersome to keep on repeating this, however, it is a health hazard as well. Once your fence is leaning, it can mean that there are more extreme underlying issues, and they can possibly end totally toppling over in your fence. When you have leaning fences, it’s a sign that their fence posts are weak or it might be broken or warped boards. Replacing the entire thing can help you save both of your money and time rather than attempting to repair it. 

Splintered woods 

It may not appear like much and perhaps you think that it is more of an aesthetic issue, which you can repaint, but think again. This small and deceiving problem is actually a major problem. Usually, splintering and cracking in the wood come together. Hence, if you can observe both of them, then take it as an indicator that the wood will destroy your fence and fall apart sooner or later. If this happens to your fence, take time to immediately contact a company that offers fence installation Miami so you can reinstall a safer and newer one put in ASAP.  

Holes are visible 

 If the boards on your fence already start to appear quite polka-dotty, such holes are most likely because of animals or insects that consume and take chunks out of your fence. Regardless if it’s mice or termites, you might get more severe problems on your hand now than just the replacement of your fence. If this is your case, guarantee to hire an exterminator to come and check your property thoroughly to determine what is causing the holes visible in your fence.  

After dealing with that, you can transition with a fence replacement. Once you change it before you have eliminated your pests, then you are basically wasting your money since they will surely come back and ruin what you’ve recently invested in.