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Tips For Choosing The Best T-Shirt Printers Ireland Has To Offer

Custom t-shirt printing has been quite popular over the past several years. That is primarily because people marvel the freedom of being able to pick the graphics, words as well as pictures they want on their t-shirts.  Well, with so many apparel printing companies out there, it can pretty tough to choose the best one for your t-shirt printing needs.

However, you do not have to fret as we are going to provide some tips that will help you pick some of the best garment and t-shirt printers Ireland has to offer.


How many tees do you want to be printed? Do you want a single t-shirt or do you want tees for your whole football club,  golf club society, a stag weekend or thousands for a corporate away day? Some printers will only do tee printing in bulk and so, if you just want one shirt or ten for your pals, they will not work for you. Also, if you want t-shirts in bulk, ensure you look for any possible wholesale prices and possible discounts.

Printing Methods 

There are various methods for printing artwork on apparel. The most popular ones include:


This is without a doubt the oldest technique in garment decoration. It consists of strands of different threads sewn into the apparel. The threads are applied in different patterns, thickness, and lengths in order to give varying visual effects. Baseball caps are some of the most common embroidered apparel that you may have seen. However, it is more expensive than other methods and isn’t ideal for detailed artworks.

Screen Printing 

Most of the t-shirt printers Ireland utilize screen printing. This method originated in ancient China but did not gain popularity in regions like Ireland until the 60s.Screen Printing involves utilizing a woven mesh that is stretched over a frame as well as a stencil formed by blocking some screen parts in the negative image of the artwork to be printed. The stencil forms open regions of mesh that transfer the ink into the apparel by the printer pushing the ink with a squeegee. The various design colours are ideally layered one at a time in order to create the final image. This technique is perfect for clothing brands as it’s relatively inexpensive and scalable. However, the more colours your design has, the more expensive it will be.

Digital Printing 

This is the newest technique and involves applying a design directly from the computer to the t-shirt. It works just like a conventional printer, except it prints the image onto an apparel. Digital printing is perfect for designs with a lot of colours and detail as it can produce results of a higher resolution than other methods. The biggest con is that it is more expensive and works best with t-shirts made of natural fibres.

The Type of Ink 

If you settle for a t-shirt printing company that utilizes digital printing or screen printing, the next step is to ask the type of ink they use. The most common inks include:

Water-based Inks 

These are inks made with a mixture of dye or pigment and water. The role of water is to keep the dye or pigment in liquid form. These types of inks are relatively expensive as the printing companies must work hard to maintain the ink and the drying process tends to take longer. These inks are soft handed meaning you won’t feel the ink on the tee, and dry in a manner that lends the design a vintage look. Water-based inks have gained more and more popularity, but are best printed in light colours for proper visibility.

Learn some tips about water-based inks for screen printing here:

Plastisol Inks 

Screen printing companies have traditionally used these types of inks as they are not only the cheapest option, but are easy to manage as well. These inks are made from plastic and work great with any clothing.

Discharge Ink 

Discharge ink is a water based ink that is used for printing coloured or dark apparel. The ink is mixed with an activator and bleaches out the garment’s fabric colour while depositing the desired pigment to make the print colour visible. This type of ink only works on 100 percent cotton garments and reacts differently depending on the dye and treatment. That makes it a bit harder to predict the final result.

The Turnaround Time 

It is ideally vital that you know how long it will take the t-shirt printers Ireland has to offer will take to receive your order, work on your custom tees and ship it to your location. When talking to a custom apparel printer, ensure that both parties can agree on turnaround time and that the company delivers your t-shirts on that particular date.

If a particular printer proves to be unreliable, do not hesitate to switch to a different company. It might not be a big deal to receive your first orders a bit late, but somewhere down the line, you might need a rush order by a specific date, and you will want assurance that your printing services provider will be prompt.

The Cost of Shipping 

You would naturally assume that availing a local t-shirt printer will get you the cheapest deal as you do not have to worry about shipping, but sometimes, local is not always better. Local printing companies tend to have a monopoly in the region and as a result charge higher prices. If you take the time to look elsewhere, you may end up saving money for your custom printed t-shirts. Additionally, some of the best t-shirt printers Ireland has to offer will usually reduce the cost of shipping if you have larger orders with the aim of winning your business. So, do not let the shipping costs prevent you from looking at printing companies outside your local region.

The printer you pick will significantly impact the success or failure of your brand. And so, getting it right the first time matters a lot. Choose wrong and it will lead to a poor product and headaches. Choose right and you will certainly enjoy the custom printed t-shirts, regardless of the reason.