From Tattered To Treasured

The Top 4 Tips On Wearing Accessories

In order to take your fashion game to the next level, it’s important to know that your style is all about the little things. Accessories are a vital part of a good wardrobe, and with shifting trends, it’s important to understand that accessories are used to polish up your outfit. Each accessory added is that finishing touch needed to get your look down just right.

1. Scarves Are Not Just For Your Neck
Looking to add a scarf to your outfit? Scarves aren’t only for your neck when it comes to this beloved accessories. Use a scarf and tie them onto your wrist or bag. Even consider tying them into your hair. Each of these small changes can take a normal scarf up to the next level.

2. Mix And Match Metals
Yellow gold, rose gold, and silver will always have their moments to shine throughout different eras of trends. However, using only one metal at a time is significantly limiting your style choices. Consider adopting the fashion sense of wearing at one frivolous piece that makes you feel incredible when you choose to wear it. The price is worth the feeling of satisfaction that style brings.

3. Less Is More?
If you’re hoping to make a subtle statement with your fashion choices, sometimes taking a minimalistic approach is best. A slim black choker or monotone ankle-strap sandals are great for outfits that already have a lot going on with the look itself.

This is also definitely true when working with singular, powerful pieces of jewelry as well. Piling on clinking, chunky jewelry can just be overwhelming. Focusing on one single item at a time will let that piece take on the spotlight. A singular fashion piece that we love is a classy timepiece. Wristwatches are a great way to class up your outfit in a heartbeat. They are a timeless must-have.

4. Remeber Your Waist
Sometimes the simplest way to improve your style is by splitting it down the middle. Belts are a great way to improve and transform your figure. The right belt can help to flatten your stomach while stylizing the outfit that you’re wearing.

Belts come in a variety of colors, sizes, and style types. They can class up a dress, a shirt, pants, and anything else you can think of! Try using belts with outfits where you usually wouldn’t wear them.