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Best Male Accessories To Add To Any Outfit

Even guys need to pimp out their style every once in a while. But how do you know what’s too much or if you have areas of your wardrobe that can be added to? At Tattersail Clothing we have all the info on how to make your style out of this worlds. Here are some male accessories that we think are the best.

Fashionable and Functional

Watches may serve the basic functionality of telling time, but when added to an outfit it can be so much more. There are so many styles and types of watches that are perfect for a variety of occasions. Each one has the ability to complement a perfectly planned outfit and add class to your appearance. Watches don’t have to just be for formal occasions, add it to your weekend get up to spice things up.

Clipping Down The Tie
Many people assume that tie clips are just for aesthetic purposes. However, they actually help to keep your tie from blowing over your shoulder when there’s wind outside. Or, even help your tie from dipping into your soup.

While the most accepted colors for a tie clip in formal situations are silver or gold, others colors and styles are seen that replicate pop culture and other themes. For a classy look, however, we like to keep it simple.

Made In The Shade
Hats have been worn throughout the ages for a variety of reasons. Today’s dress hats are worn almost in homage to past generations. Although hats have lost their general appeal in daily wear, they are still up in style. Top hats, bowler hats, and so many more can the perfect touch to any outfit. This is in addition to their original uses such as keeping the sun out of your eyes or staying somewhat dry when it rains.

When wearing a hat for style, they have the ability to make your face seem fuller, rounder, and when paired with the correct outfit, can make the wearer seem thinner or taller. Hats are the last item added to “complete the look,” but the wrong hat can help to make you look downright foolish. There are a variety of types and styles of hats to choose from. Try experimenting with a few different varieties to see what hat is right for your look. You may be surprised with what you find.