How to Make a Roof Energy-Efficient?

Having energy-efficient roofs can surely help you keep your home comfortable, protect the environment, and save money as well. During the installation, other energy-efficient measures apply. Meanwhile, some can even be applied even on completed roofs. Below are a few ways you can do to get an energy-efficient roof. 

Setup a radiant barrier 

The heat from the sun can reach your home through radiation, conduction, and convection. Conventional insulation materials prevent heat transfer through conduction and convection, however, not radiation. As such, some heat still reaches inside the home. A radiant barrier is usually aluminum that serves as a reflective material that helps prevent heat transfer through radiation. It’s recommended to install the radiant barrier in the attic, where it blocks most of the radiation that is absorbed via the roof.  

Guarantee sufficient ventilation 

Though you have to insulate your home to separate outdoor and indoor air, thorough insulation can reduce energy efficiency. You have to ventilate your home so that a bit of heat can leave or escape the house if needed. In the summer season, the ventilation of your attic will aid to have some of the hot air of your attic out of your home. The ventilation makes sure that the house will not get extremely hot, and your HVAC systems do not have to overwork.  

Guarantee enough insulation 

Insulation material can stop outdoor heat from piecing your home and heating your indoor air during summer. During the winter season, the insulation stops indoor heat from being letting out of the house. Both of these indicate that your HVAC systems do not have to overwork. The insulation material’s thickness and type can determine how well it can stop heat exchange. The expert Miami roofing contractors you’ll hire will assist you to select the greatest insulation based on the climate you experience and your home.   

Utilize light-colored roofing 

Compared to the light-colored roof surfaces, the dark-colored ones will only absorb more heat. White is the color that reflects heat the most. While dark roofs can attain temperatures near 150°F in the summer season, light-colored roofs can be kept 50°F cooler compared to that. A lot of heat that reflected converts to less heat penetration into the interior of the building and a cool roof surface. If you’re planning to either replace or install a roof, make sure to go for a light-colored material for great energy-efficiency capability. But, if you’ve completed installing your roof, then you can apply some reflective coating or paint to boost its energy efficiency.  

Select materials that are energy-efficient 

Roofing materials vary when it comes to how much heat impacts them and how much heat returns. Materials that mostly return the heat are considered as energy-efficient since they will not let the heat from the sun to excessively heat up your home. Going for materials with an ENERGY STAR rating is the greatest way to guarantee your roofing is energy-efficient, to begin with. Materials with this rating will surely reflect more heat compared to how much they will absorb. Moreover, such rated materials release most of their heat instead of just retaining it. 

When to Know If Your Fence Needs Replacement?

Perhaps you have attained your ultimate dream of owning your house with a picket fence. However, your picket fence inevitable will not be as good looking and in great condition all the time. Regardless if it’s due to accidental damage or wear and tear, your fence may be required to be changed at some point. Here are some of the indicators that your fence needs to have a new replacement. 

Rotting woods 

If you’re currently in a place where it frequently rains, you might be seeing either gray or yellow stains on your wood fence. Seeing either color indicates that your fence has rotting woods. Meaning, there’s probably mold and mildew that’s been growing on it as well. Sadly, you cannot actually do anything about it rather than changing the whole fence. If you wish to avoid experiencing it again in the future, you might have to think about using various material types for your fence, like treated lumber.  

The fence is leaning over 

Whenever your fences fall over or lean, you try to help them stand back up always. This isn’t just bothersome to keep on repeating this, however, it is a health hazard as well. Once your fence is leaning, it can mean that there are more extreme underlying issues, and they can possibly end totally toppling over in your fence. When you have leaning fences, it’s a sign that their fence posts are weak or it might be broken or warped boards. Replacing the entire thing can help you save both of your money and time rather than attempting to repair it. 

Splintered woods 

It may not appear like much and perhaps you think that it is more of an aesthetic issue, which you can repaint, but think again. This small and deceiving problem is actually a major problem. Usually, splintering and cracking in the wood come together. Hence, if you can observe both of them, then take it as an indicator that the wood will destroy your fence and fall apart sooner or later. If this happens to your fence, take time to immediately contact a company that offers fence installation Miami so you can reinstall a safer and newer one put in ASAP.  

Holes are visible 

 If the boards on your fence already start to appear quite polka-dotty, such holes are most likely because of animals or insects that consume and take chunks out of your fence. Regardless if it’s mice or termites, you might get more severe problems on your hand now than just the replacement of your fence. If this is your case, guarantee to hire an exterminator to come and check your property thoroughly to determine what is causing the holes visible in your fence.  

After dealing with that, you can transition with a fence replacement. Once you change it before you have eliminated your pests, then you are basically wasting your money since they will surely come back and ruin what you’ve recently invested in. 

What Advantages do You Get From Radon Testing?

Radon is a hazardous invisible has that can be seen almost anywhere within the United States. This substance is odorless and tasteless, which can simply reach inside your house through openings and cracks in the foundation of the property. Once a person is exposed to Radon, it could be risky for your health, hence, it’s really important to know how essential radon testing is. Below are the major advantages of radon inspection: 

Saves money 

When you’re thinking about selling your property sooner or later, prospective buyers are permitted to request paperwork linked with radon testing. When your home is not up to code, you can be requested to perform a radon inspection many times until the levels are acceptable. Having regular home inspection with the help of an expert to assess the radon levels of your house will reduce the likeliness that you’ll need to spend money on a lot of radon mitigation Colorado Springs services.  

Keeps kids safe 

Just like how hazardous radon exposure is to the adults, the dangers are even worse for kids. The bodies of children are still enveloping and the radon’s released airborne particle can result in permanent damage to the DNA tissues within their lungs. This exposure can result in cell damage that can possibly result in cancer over time. When there are young kids within your house, a radon expert can examine the levels to guarantee that the house can be inhabited. Moreover, they will help you in setting up a radon detector for even more protection.  

Prolongs lifespan 

For the previous 30 years, Radon has become a silent killer. At this moment, half a million Americans have died from lung cancer, which is induced by radon. The statistics of fatality linked with exposure to radon are increasing. Nearly 50 percent of individuals who are exposed to radon will only get to live for 1 year and die. This figure reduces to a 15 percent chance of being able to live for 5 years. To avoid illnesses related to radon, it’s vital to go through a house inspection for radon testing.  

Radon is indeed a hazardous gas that can possibly endanger anyone’s health. If you want to guarantee that this fatal gas does not reach into your house, then, make sure to contact us for you to experience our radon mitigation Colorado Springs services. We are the Colorado Spring’s leading home inspection company that will help you in testing your home’s radon levels. Moreover, we can help you seal foundation damage and cracks to stop radon and reduce the chances that it will get into your properties.  

If you wish to inquire regarding the radon inspection’s cost or if you want to book for radon inspection in your home, never hesitate to reach us by calling our hotline number or visiting our website for more details. You can also contact us by emailing us today. We guarantee you that we’ll be responding to your inquiries as soon as we can. 

Reasons Why We Should Plant More Trees

Trees play a crucial role in our ecosystem. Because of that, it’s only reasonable for us to take the initiative to plant more trees and care for all of them. But do you know how trees can affect and benefit our everyday lives? If not, keep on reading this article: 

Trees minimize violence 

Homes and neighborhoods, which are barren, have displayed to have a greater incidence of violence out and in the house compared to their greener counterparts. Landscaping and trees aid to minimize the level of fear.  

Trees heal  

Research has proven that patients who have a view of trees outside of their windows heal faster and get lesser complications. Kids with ADHD display lesser symptoms if they have access to nature. The exposure to nature and trees can help concentration by minimizing mental tiredness.  

Trees offer food 

An apple tree can produce up to 15 to 20 bushels of fruit every year, which can be planted on the smallest urban lot. Apart from fruit to humans, trees five food for wildlife and birds.  

Trees protect kids from UV rays  

Within the United State, skin cancer is the most typical type of cancer. Trees can help cut off UV-B exposure by approximately 50%, hence, giving shield to kids on playgrounds or school campuses, where kids usually spend most of their time outdoors.  

Trees aid to stop soil erosion 

Trees, especially on stream slopes, slow runoff and hold soil in place.  

Trees save water 

Shade from the trees helps decelerate the water evaporation from lawns that lack water. The majority of recently planted trees only require 15 gallons of water every week. Trees develop, they also increase their atmospheric moisture. Trees stop stormwater from transporting pollutants from the ocean. If the trees are mulched, they act similarly to a sponge that will naturally filter this water and utilizes it to recharge the supplies of groundwater.  

Trees heal  

Studies show that patients who have a view of trees outside of their windows heal faster and get lesser complications. Kids with ADHD display lesser symptoms if they can access nature. The exposure to nature and trees can help concentration by minimizing mental tiredness.  

Trees preserve energy 

If 3 trees are strategically positioned all over a single-family home, it can help reduce summer air conditioning needs by up to 50%. By minimizing the demand for energy for cooling our homes, we are helping to reduce pollution emissions from power plants and carbon dioxide.  

Trees give off oxygen 

Within 1 year, one acre of mature trees can give sufficient oxygen for 18 individuals.  

Trees clean the air 

Trees absorb pollutant gases—ozone, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, nitrogen oxides—and filter particulates out of the air by catching them on their bark and leaves.  

Trees fight climate change 

 In our atmosphere, there is too much carbon dioxide, which is one of the causes of climate change. Trees can penetrate carbon dioxide as it removes and stores the carbon while producing oxygen back into the atmosphere. Within a year, a single acre of mature trees can help absorb a similar amount of carbon dioxide that’s emitted when you drive your vehicle at 26K miles.  

Now that you know the importance of trees, it’s only reasonable to plant lots of them or take care of your existing trees today. But, if you have a diseased or dead tree, make sure to have it removed right away and use tree removal Columbia SC service.